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AC Research Services is a reputable private company known for offering research services to people and organizations from all over the world that want to conduct research in Ghana. Our company is officially recognized by the Ghanaian Companies’ Code (Act 179). We offer research services in all fields of study with a team of experts in biophysical research and statistics who are also tech savvy and dedicated to giving you timely access to accurate and dependable data and results.

Additionally, AC Research Services collaborates with number of esteemed Research Scientists at several Ghanaian universities and research institutions who are having positive influence and work Consultants for the company.
Despite being based in Tamale, the company has representatives all across the country, allowing us to conduct business there.

About our services

We offers a wide range of customized research solutions


Ac Research Services has a team of experienced researchers who specialize in health research. The team uses various methods such as laboratory experiments, clinical trials, and observational studies to investigate various aspects of health and healthcare systems.


Our agricultural researchers use various methods such as field trials, laboratory experiments, and computer modeling to collect and analyze data. Ac Research Services' agricultural research services are essential to ensuring food security and sustainability, and to supporting the livelihoods of farmers.


Ac Research Services has a team of social researchers who specialize in investigating social phenomena such as attitudes, beliefs, values, and behaviors, as well as the social structures and institutions that shape them.


The company's team of economists uses various methods such as statistical analysis, economic modeling, and simulations to investigate various economic indicators. The company's economic research services are essential to understanding and addressing economic issues.


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